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66cf6897 154b 42e2 8a86 f7e132a39bb5此次会议为期3天,中、日、韩、俄四国代表团将分别介绍了各国上一年度的海上搜救工作开展情况并就四国间合作开展的搜救行动案例进行了回顾。来自四个国家的参会代表围绕远海海上搜救技术、海上搜救行动的中(终)止判定标准、航空器海上搜救等主题开展了深入交流和探讨。期间,与会代表还参观了上海海事局巡航救助一体化船“海巡01”轮与东海第一救助飞行队。

Delegations from China, Japan, Korea and Russia respectively introduced each country's general SAR performances last year and reviewed the cooperated SAR cases among four countries at the three-day meeting. The delegates further discussed around deep sea SAR technology, the criteria of judgement on SAR termination, aircrafts applied in maritime SAR and some subjects. During the meeting, delegates visited Shanghai MSA cruise and rescue ship "HaiXun 01" and DongHai No.1 Flying Service.

ad7b6cbb 9bcd 4982 9074 13cddadd1983本次会议进一步加强了中、日、韩、俄四国海上搜救操作级别人员的交流与合作,对促进地区海上搜救合作发挥了重要作用。与会的各国代表一致认为将继续通过四国海上搜救操作级别会议的平台不断强化西北太平洋地区国家间海上搜救国际事务合作,共同致力于推动中、日、韩、俄海上搜救能力提升。下一届四国海上搜救操作级别会议将在日本举行。

The meeting further strengthened communication and cooperation among maritime SAR operational level staff from the four countries. It played an important role in promoting regional SAR cooperation. The delegates agreed that international maritime SAR cooperation among countries in the Pacific Northwest need to be strengthened continuously through four countries' maritime SAR operational level meetings, working together to promote four countries' SAR capability. The next four countries' maritime SAR operational level meeting will be held in Japan.

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