The Asia Pacific Region

Having been established in 1924 as the "International Lifeboat Federation" (ILF), the new International Maritime Rescue Federation was incorporated in 2003. As a worldwide charitable body, we continue and strengthen ILF's mission to unite the world's maritime rescue organisations for our common humanitarian purpose:

"Preventing loss of life in the world's waters."


Over 80 Years of Achievement

Since our foundation, member organisations have worked in unity to overcome many common challenges, openly sharing their ideas, developments and experiences for the benefit of all. Much of the life saving technology in common use today is as a direct result of this international cooperation.

Our members have also provided practical start-up assistance and encouragement to newly established and developing organisations which struggle to provide life-saving services in the world's poorer regions.

Our International Position

As the representative body of the world's maritime rescue services, we hold consultative status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) - the United Nation's specialised inter-govermental agency for maritime affairs.


minilogoimrf   In 1999, the IMO awarded us the prestigious "International Maritime Prize" for our humanitarian work in saving lives around the world.
minilogoimrf We are an Accredited International Charity
minilogoimrf With a history of achievement
minilogoimrf Delivering innovative, practical and measureable projects
minilogoimrf Working directly with local teams and communities
minilogoimrf Supported by the world's maritime rescue expertise


The Asia Pacific Regional Centre 

A ceremony was held on the 19th September 2012 to mark the commencement of operations at International Maritime Rescue Federation's (IMRF) new Asia-Pacific Regional Centre.

The centre, located at China Rescue and Salvage's (CRS) state of the art new Dong Hai Rescue Bureau in Shanghai, greatly enhances IMRF capability to communicate with and to assist maritime rescue organisations throughout this busy region.

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Photo top: IMRF Trustee Meeting and APRC Board Meeting - October 2017


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