Regional Coordinators

Mohammed DRISSI

Africa Regional Coordinator

Mohammed is a Master Mariner, maritime affairs Administrator and a sworn expert on Maritime Affairs. He worked for SAR since 1999 and tasked to develop SAR services within the Kingdom of Morocco. He is the head of SAR Bureau at Ocean Fisheries Ministry and Coordinator of the National technical SAR committee which include Civil and Military departments. He is the Regional Coordinator for Africa since 2010 and has been involved in many SAR projects within the North and West Africa SAR region with the cooperation of IMO and IMRF. Since June 2015 he is also a Trustee of the IMRF.

Ocean Fisheries Ministry - Morocco

+ 212 660192659 + 212 660192659


South America Regional Coordinator

Jorge joined the Asociación Honoraria de Salvamentos Marítimos y Fluviales (ADES, Uruguay) in 1980 and, since 1996, has served as a volunteer coxswain at ADES' Montevideo station, with over 200 'shouts' to his credit. He is an agricultural engineer by profession, and is now a director and partner in a dairy farm and two companies engaged in environmental protection and domestic & hospital waste management. Jorge is also the Regional Coordinator of South America.

Montevideo - Uruguay

+598 996 89 100 +598 996 89 100


Europe Regional Coordinator

Jori was appointed to be the European Regional Coordinator in October 2014. He is currently the Project Manager at Finnish Border Guard Headquarters in Finland. Jori is also the Project Manager of the Vessel Triage Project.


+358 2954 21155 +358 2954 21155

Project Leaders


Project Leader - Rescue Boat Guidelines

Began SAR as the youngest beach lifeguard on the West Coast of Ireland in 1992. Upon moving to the UK in 1999 Andrew became involved with the RNLI as a SAR volunteer for the Whitstable Lifeboat and remained an active crewmember for 5 years. Andrew was then recruited as a full time instructor for the RNLI where he served a further 5 years working from Cowes on the Isle of Wight and moved to Poole thereafter upon the establishment of the new RNLI Lifeboat College. In 2006 Andrew decided to become involved in commercial SAR and became a Search and Rescue Commander for BP assisting the setup of their fleet of 8 new 20m ARRC (Autonomous Rescue and Recovery Craft) rescue vessels. With the birth of his first child, Andrew decided to spend more time ashore and began working for offshore construction companies. His roles included skippering, but becoming increasingly involved in safety systems and the compliance aspect of the business. Since emigrating to New Zealand in 2009 Andrew has become heavily involved in small vessel maritime operations, specialising in safety management systems and has completed projects for many organisations worldwide.

New Zealand

+64 27 3456690 +64 27 3456690



Mass Rescue Operations Project Manager

After 9 years in general cargo ships, David joined the UK Coastguard in 1983. He worked in rescue coordination centres and in various management and training roles, retiring in 2008 as Head of Search and Rescue. David began working for the IMRF in 2010, and is now our mass rescue project manager and our technical lead at the IMO and our lead representative on the ICAO/IMO Joint Working Group on SAR.

United Kingdom


Project Leader/Specialist - Mass Rescue Operations

John is a Operational Lifeboat Inspector for the KNRM since January 2008. John has worked with MRO matters a long time during his work for the KNRM and gave a presentation in 2012 regarding the Costa Concordia: "This is Not Happening to Us" and wrote a MRO report in 2010, called "Saved by Coincidence". Since 2014 he is the MRO Specialist for the IMRF MRO Project.

KNRM - The Netherlands


Project Manager - Mixed Migrant Safety Project

Andreas Arvidsson was the Operation Director for the Swedish Sea Rescue Society up to September 2017. Andreas is now a Consultant & Master Mariner at the Alfa Marine Consulting AB. He is also the Project Manager for the IMRF's Mixed Migrant Safety Project since late 2015.

Alfa Marine Consulting AB - Sweden


Special Consultant

Mr Barktus has worked in China for over 15 years, and is the president of Messe Dusseldorf (Shanghai) Co, Ltd. (MDS). Since February 2016 he has become a Special Consultant for the APRC.



Project Leader - Crew Exchange Project

Joonas Lahelma has more than 20 years experience in SAR. Joonas worked as a coast guard officer and training manager of the Finnish Lifeboat Institution, and voluntary crew member in several SAR stations in Finland. These days Joonas is working as a full-time paramedic nurse at the rescue department of Kymenlaakso, and part time coordinator for the IMRF Crew Exchange Project since 2017.



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