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Maritime search and rescue is a world full of heroes and heroines, they are all around you! In coastal communities they are the baker and the bin man who jump onto a lifeboat when the pager goes off; they are the helicopter crew who battle through storms to rescue the survivors from a sinking ship; at the beach they are the lifeguards who are always ready to pull a drowning casualty from the water; they are the engineers designing equipment which will saves lives for generations to come; they are the inventors who have an idea for apps that help rescuers locate you when your yacht is in difficulties. In April this year the IMRF, in partnership with McMurdo, set out to find these heroes/heroines and honour their excellence in rescue operations.


Stories of dedication, selflessness, innovation, courage and bravery dominated the events held in Washington D.C., USA and Lisbon, Portugal when the winners of the IMRF’s H.E.R.O. Awards were announced and we are delighted to announce the winners.


IMG 0516smallThe IMRF H.E.R.O. Award for outstanding service to maritime search and rescue, ‘The Vladimir Maksimov Award’, sponsored by Inmarsat: Mohammed Drissi.

Mohammed has worked selflessly as the Regional Coordinator for IMO for the Rabat SAR region linking 6 bordering countries developing their SAR management and coordination capabilities. Over the past 12 months he expanded this work to combine the Liberian RCC Region, 5 additional countries, as well as including observers from Nigeria. The Vladimir Maksimov Award commemorates the lifetime dedication of Vladimir Maksimov who, as Director SOLAS Services, was a champion of Inmarsat’s Maritime Safety Services and at the heart of both technical innovation and regulations enhancing safety for over 25 years.


默罕默德是国际海事组织的一名区域性协调官,在摩纳哥首都拉巴特搜救区域工作,该地区与六个国家接壤。 他一直忘我工作,致力于发展这些国家的搜救管理水平和协调能力。在过去的12个月里,他不断拓展,将利比里亚搜寻区域,其他5个国家以及包括来自尼日利亚的观察员纳入工作范围。该奖项用以纪念SOLAS服务机构弗拉迪米尔-马克西莫夫处长,他一直赞成国际海事卫星组织提供的海上安全服务,并在致力于科技创新和制定规则以提高安全超过25年。

IMG 1673smallThe International Maritime Rescue Federation H.E.R.O. Award for outstanding individual contribution to a maritime SAR operation in 2015-16: Captain Hervé Lepage

Captain Lepage is Master of CMA CGM ROSSINI and he and his crew were nominated for the highly commendable and skilled mission to rescue the crew of the upturned catamaran Llama Lo off the South African Wild Coast on 18th October 2015. Mr SadiResdedant received the H.E.R.O. Award on Captain Lepage's behalf.


Lepage是“CMA CGM ROSSINI”号船长,2015年10月18日,他和他的船员们在南非狂野海岸拯救了翻扣双体船“Llama Lo”号全体人员。这起救助受到高度好评,并展现了高超技巧,他们也因此获得提名。SadiResdedant先生代表Lepage船长现场领奖。

IMG 1674smallThe International Maritime Rescue Federation H.E.R.O. Award for outstanding team contribution to a maritime SAR operation 2015-16:The Proactiva Open Arms Team

This was awarded for the traumatic rescue of several hundred victims of people smuggling, whose vessel broke apart in the sea of Lesbos with considerable loss of life. The team found hundreds of people in the water, some being kept afloat by large pieces of wood, that had once been part of their boat. The prize was received by Mr. Oscar Camps and Mr. Gerard Canals.

国际海上人命救生联盟2015-2016年度海上搜救行动杰出团队贡献奖授予The Proactiva Open Arms团队。

他们救助了数百名偷渡遇险者,这些偷渡者乘坐的船舶在希腊莱斯博斯岛附近水域解体,导致多人丧生。他们当时发现数百人在水里,许多人依靠船舶解体的大木板漂浮在水里。该奖项颁发给了Oscar Camps先生和Gerard Canals先生。

IMG 0457smallThe International Maritime Rescue Federation H.E.R.O. Award for innovation and technology in maritime search and rescue: RNLI/ James Benson/Bournemouth University.

The RNLI & Bournemouth University - Design Department have worked together with inventor James Benson to develop his original and innovative design. The “Bottle Buoy” is aimed at low resource communities, and is a minimum cost flotation device that can be used as public rescue equipment and for swimming instruction. The device is simple, allows 3 plastic bottles to be attached to a central hub producing around 60N of buoyancy.

国际海上人命救生联盟海上搜救创新和科技奖授予英国皇家救生艇协会、James Benson和伯恩茅斯大学。

英国皇家救生艇协会和伯恩茅斯大学的设计部门与发明家James Benson共同合作,一起完善他的创新设计。这种“瓶式浮标”针对救助资源稀缺地区,是一种成本最低的浮力装置,可用于公共救助装备和游泳授课。该设计十分简单,将3个塑料瓶子连接成螺旋桨状,可产生60N的浮力。

IMG 0601Local Heroes


The Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre - MRCC Lisboa& MRCC Delgada. In 2015, the Portuguese SAR Service (MRCC Lisboa and Delgada) registered a total of 636 SAR events, that resulted in 501 lives saved.


The judges also made Special Commendation Awards to the NGOs acting in the Mediterranean and to the Italian Coast Guard & the MRCC in Rome for their life saving work for refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean and the Aegean.


Congratulations from the IMRF, and McMurdo, to all the H.E.R.O. Awards winners and the entire search and rescue community for your commitment to preparing for emergencies, responding to crises and, ultimately, saving lives on the world’s waters.


We are now searching for the next H.E.R.O. The IMRF is now accepting entries for the 2017 H.E.R.O. Awards. Please go to for more information.


hero winners

We are now searching for the next H.E.R.O. The IMRF is now accepting entries for the 2017 H.E.R.O. Awards. Please go to for more information.

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